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Making the World a Greener Place One Building at a TimeSM

Making the World a Greener Place One Building at a TimeSM

About Our Mission

My name is Francis Fragola the founder and CEO of Collaborative Energy Group. CEG is comprised of energy and environmental experts working together to provide solutions.

Our Mission is to reduce commercial, industrial and residential energy operating cost while at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. This can only be accomplished with a balance of conservation and economic processes; whether you are seeking a LEED Certification or Energy Star.

Our EEP process follows closely the Energy Star program for energy conservation.

Take the Challenge! The EPA Energy Star program has challenged companies to commit to a 10% reduction in there energy consumption.† Letís work together to reduce your energy consumption and promote your company as an Energy Star Partner. We have worked with our clients to successfully reduce there energy cost and promote the attached conservation.

CEG works seamlessly with you and your staff to determine the most effective and sustainable energy solutions.

In this time of economic change we need to responsibly explore all possible opportunities to reduce operating budgets. So why not accomplish this while doing your part to help preserve our planet?† A comprehensive analysis of your companies energy consumption, bundled with government and utility incentive programs for energy efficiency measures and retrofitting, will make cost effective energy conservation an obtainable choice. Let us assist you in finding ways to conserve energy while at the same time reducing annual expenses.

If we all take the time to reduce our energy consumption by only 10% we will be on our way to reducing deadly emissions, lowering our dependence on foreign oil and getting back to making a difference! If we all take responsibility and do our part, however small or large we will effectively help to improve† our economic crisis.


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